Chris Furniss

Engineering solutions

Harniss is all about family and people. From the very beginning, Darren and myself have seen the great benefit of nurturing and developing people along the way. Injecting new talent into this growing business has expanded our potential client reach and breadth of support.

Darren Harris

Knowledge and insight

We operate in a ever changing industry, be it legislative, technologically or socially driven. Harniss strives to ensure our team of engineers and consultants are at the very forefront of change.

Michael Cottle

Engineered practicality
Design Director

From concept to installation, Harniss Consulting maintains the very best Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers design levels are applied to your project. Alignment with the latest updates in building design and compliance are our utmost directive.

Helen Harris

Process practitioner

Our client centric approach is core to Harniss Excellence, a true testament to our success and ultimately project delivery.

Joe Clarke

Smooth operation
Operations Director

Successful project delivery needs good, solid and experienced project management. The path to any end goal is never a simple one and usually one with bumps in the road, however our team of well trained and experienced PMs ensure it’s a smooth and ‘swan like’ encounter for all our clients.

Nina Furniss

Number cruncher

The Harniss Community is a strong and important part of the business. This is foremost reflected in our project delivery but also in how we respect each other and giveback.

Ryan Harris

Leading growth
Commercial Director

We believe greatly in data and it is one thing you can not get too much of. Intellectual growth developed from tender and project analysis is vitally important to our business and key to our continued success and growth.

Adam Alexander

Rethinking energy and sustainability
Energy & Sustainability Director

Sustainability is at the core of all things Harniss. Our entire team from our designers to our fitters are aware of its growing importance for our clients and the impact on wider world. Our success for achieving sustainable goals stems from this shared knowledge and BREEAM awareness.

Phil Cassidy

Finger on the pulse
Pre-Construction Director

Working across a wide range of sectors, we pride ourselves on knowing the market leading technologies available to ensure good value engineering, risk analysis and commercial control.

Amelia Furniss

Passionate about people
Human Resources Coordinator

Human resource management is intended to protect the company and its employees. At Harniss we go beyond this, we encourage a community feel where everyone is included and can be as involved as they feel comfortable.

Michael Ritchie

All lit up
Associate Director

Our design teams are extremely adept in adapting design solutions to incorporate client needs or planning conditions. Through collaborative working groups within Harniss across Consulting and Contracting, we learn and develop.

Gavin Hayes

The devil is in the detail
Regional Manager

We show great attention to detail and great care when performing any task, delivering Harniss Quality every time.

Paul Berry

Keeping Harniss safe
Health & Safety Manager

Safety saves lives, we only have one and it is precious. At Harniss, at the end of the working day we want everyone to go home safe, which is why this is one of our six core principles.

Adam Hill

Southern vanguard
Regional Manager

Covering the Southern office of Harniss is exciting and great opportunity to cement our presence. Creating a permanent base point for the teams and regionalise the workforce.

Case Study

Holland Park School

Who We Work With


Many of our clients have spent years investing in new developments, integrating new technology and incorporating our advice on sustainability, all of which is necessary to bring best-in-class solutions to market.


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