Energy Audits

With the squeeze on energy for all businesses, landlords and developers, our assessors can conduct single building or large portfolio compliance checks with EPCS reviews or full energy reviews to indicate the best path to reducing energy, saving money and/or reducing carbon footprint. Our team of assessors can produce legislative ready ESOS and SECR reports, Energy audits and EPC plus reports to suit your needs.

In the current climate, business focus is now centred towards reducing energy costs, making immediate savings and being more sustainable. However, a baseline is needed to begin making these changes. We offer commercial energy audits conducted by professional energy assessors.

Our energy audits comprehensively review and investigate energy efficiency associated with your business or buildings portfolio. There are various reasons you may decide on or require an audit; for Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance, Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reasons, Minimum Energy Efficiency Scheme (MEES) compliance or just simply to reduce energy consumption.

Our advice will assist with optimising use and compliance around legislation so you can make informed decisions about implementing energy-saving measures.

Our business energy assessors thoroughly inspect the building's interior, exterior, fixtures, and equipment to determine how these systems interact. We collect and analyse data securely in our system and conduct an in-depth analysis of your commercial utility bills.

The comprehensiveness of our commercial energy audit means that any energy wastage areas are identified and remedies identified. We will always make recommendations and tailor our solutions to your needs.


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Many of our clients have spent years investing in new developments, integrating new technology and incorporating our advice on sustainability, all of which is necessary to bring best-in-class solutions to market.