Concept & Detail M&E Design

At Harniss we understand mechanical and electrical engineering as part of the whole building consultancy picture. Our in-house team of M&E engineers combines specialist knowledge with a practical approach, a commercial outlook and the multi-disciplinary support of the wider team. Our M&E offering comprises M&E projects and operational engineering.

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Energy and Sustainability strategies

Whether you’re planning for a new development or considering redevelopment, our team of Low Carbon Consultants and Sustainability Assessors are experienced to provide that initial planning statement to meet planning policies, develop master plans or guide through a decision process affecting the finished project, including design and procurement processes, choice of materials and sustainability.

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Full BREEAM services (New and Existing)

We are a fully BREEAM licensed company and within the team we have assessors to review, guide and advise your team on the wide range of sustainable subjects that make up a full BREEAM scheme. Whether its to meet your ESG requirments or planning, our assessor can sensibly steer and assist with acheiving the best in class for your project.

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Energy Audits

With the squeeze on energy for all businesses, landlords and developers, our assessors can conduct single building or large portfolio compliance checks with EPCS reviews or full energy reviews to indicate the best path to reducing energy, saving money and/or reducing carbon footprint. Our team of assessors can produce legislative ready ESOS and SECR reports, Energy audits and EPC plus reports to suit your needs.

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Feasibility Technical Support

The energy market has certainly sharpened everyones focus on the amount we use and how much it costs. More and more clients and portfolio holders are considering options of renewable technology. Should you require a particular technological exploration for your buidling, perhaps change over to ASHP or inclusion of PV, then our engineers can prepare these reports. Full investigations into suitability, cost, paybacks and funding arrangements.

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BREEAM M&E related reports

When embarking upon a BREEAM scheme, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding, in addition to the main assessment there are requirements for supporting documents to ensure compliance. Our engineers can help prepare all M&E related reports; Overheating, Part L, LZC studies, Indoor Air Quality Plans, Overheating for CLimate change, Passive Design analysis and Energy Performance gap analysis. With our in-house LCEA and LCC assessors and EDSL TAS modellers, we have you covered.

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Utilities Application

We know all there is about power, gas and water, we’re M&E specialists. 

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Expert Witnessing

Under our expert witnessing and advisory service we can resource teams for Mechanical and Electrical intallation review.

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Harniss EMS

Harniss Energy Monitoring Service helps track and reduce your energy bills.

This service can help unlock anywhere between 5-30% energy savings for your portfolio and individual building.

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Net Zero Carbon

With great focus within the industry and property management, Harniss offer routes to Net Zero Carbon with detailed assessments for new and exsiting developments.  Whether this is a GLA or planning policy requirement or part of an overall ESG driven requirement to reach Net Zero, our assesors are able to work with your team to ensure this is achieved with the best tailored route possible.

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Whole-life Cycle Assessments

Whole Building LCA (WBLCA) or Whole-life LCA (WLCA) assessments is vitally critical to this process.  At Harniss utilise the Building LCA methodology, a science based method for quantifying the lifetime environmental impacts of a building.  We use this to measure and reduce the embodied, operational, whole-life carbon of buildings.

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Case Study

Avery Park, Satra House Kettering

Who We Work With

Many of our clients have spent years investing in new developments, integrating new technology and incorporating our advice on sustainability, all of which is necessary to bring best-in-class solutions to market.


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