Concept & Detail M&E Design

At Harniss we understand mechanical and electrical engineering as part of the whole building consultancy picture. Our in-house team of M&E engineers combines specialist knowledge with a practical approach, a commercial outlook and the multi-disciplinary support of the wider team. Our M&E offering comprises M&E projects and operational engineering.

Harniss provides a unique position with our Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) design services.  Our team comprise of Chartered Design Engineers, in both a Consultancy and full design capacity.  A full Harniss service minimises the amount of intervention required by M&E building services – which is key to delivering truly efficient and sustainable buildings.

Our M&E engineers work as a core part of our integrated project teams across multiple project types and under differing scopes, depending on our clients’ requirements. Where applicable to the RIBA stage, we apply detailed engineering techniques to evaluate and refine the design, prioritising sustainability and the environmental concept.

We continue into the production/working engineering phase and, where required, provide detailed information for fabrication and installation.

Throughout the design process we apply various Harniss driven principles, against which we test all our designs.

Creating M&E designs that minimise the use of energy for M&E building services, including the provision of heating, cooling, lighting, power and ventilation. We use highly sophisticated analytical tools to quantify precisely the energy use of a building and compliance, enabling us to make data-driven decisions on the selection of M&E building systems.

Harniss have long established that a deep understanding from engaging with the end users is key to ensuring design to value is delivered. Our aim is to deliver M&E engineering solutions that provide them with exceptional value, performance, practicality and reliability in their M&E building services.

We take projects from inception to completion with our collaborative, integrated, innovative, efficient and rigorous approach.

Harniss Excellence is built upon the quality of our work and operating ‘best-in-class’ quality standards throughout our designs and processes. Together with an excellent and dynamic team, this ensures we consistently deliver exceptional M&E services and results for our clients, as well as efficient, sustainable buildings that benefit our built environment and the planet.


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Many of our clients have spent years investing in new developments, integrating new technology and incorporating our advice on sustainability, all of which is necessary to bring best-in-class solutions to market.