Whole-life Cycle Assessments

In-line with the 17 sustainability goals of the UN, more and more countries are focusing on efforts to meet climate change commitments.  With this grow increasing pressure for the construction sector to reduce its impact and make a difference.A development project or building goes through several phases: concept design, detailed design, construction and procurement, and use phase.

As part of our overall Sustainability, GLA compliance and BREEAM works (MAN01), the LCA assessment is often need to achieve green building certification and comply with regulations. Conducting and calculating the LCA of a product and or building can lead to its potential to decarbonize the industry and particular sectors.

Harniss can help establish the LCA assessment throughout the project life. 

Harniss conducts a screening LCA, typically in the concept design phase to identify material and building element hotspots, using available data. A comparative LCA is performed at the detailed design stage and uses more accurate and relevant data to choose the best design alternatives.

The most accurate LCA is performed after the construction and procurement stage using the actual material quantities and information about the exact materials.


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Many of our clients have spent years investing in new developments, integrating new technology and incorporating our advice on sustainability, all of which is necessary to bring best-in-class solutions to market.