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Carbon Calculation

Harniss calculate your organisation's emissions using the ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standard, reviewing your energy consumption, fuel for business travel ,transport and logistics, as well as water, waste and any other Scope 1,2 & 3 elements used to operate your business.  These standards are recognised as the largest and most widely adopted in the world.

Offset Evaluation

After the impartial calculation of your carbon emissions, we prepare and evidence a submission pack.  This pack is ready for submission to a suggest list of the most applicable  gold standard and government verified providers to offset your annual emissions through certified carbon offsetting projects.

Upon completion, your organisation will attain the Certification as a Carbon Neutral Business —a noteworthy excellence and dynamic stance in environmental initiatives.

Carbon Reduction Plan

With the previous years emissions offset, your business may seek to mitigate future emissions with a bespoke Carbon Reduction Plan.
This report is tailored to your business model and processes, working from the precisely measure carbon footprint, the report will establish targets for emissions reduction to attain net-zero emissions.   

This will outline strategic planning for the future, your organisation will address both short-term and long-term environmental impacts and enhancing or complimenting any ESG goals.



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Many of our clients have spent years investing in new developments, integrating new technology and incorporating our advice on sustainability, all of which is necessary to bring best-in-class solutions to market.